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Jeu d'échecs électronique Chessnut Air (format voyage)


Chessnut Air - Abordable mais pas simple/Échiquier électronique en bois Chessnut Air est un échiquier électronique intelligent. La carte prend en charge diverses applications avec une intelligence artificielle très intelligente...

Chessnut Pro - Jeu d'échecs électronique en bois pleine grandeur avec pièces en bois


Chessnut Pro - Jeu d'échecs électronique en bois pleine grandeur avec pièces en bois Chessnut Pro est un plateau de tournoi de 55 cm avec des carrés de 55 mm. Il est entièrement...

Alerte prévente : Air Plus/Air+ Whole Wooden Portable Eboard


Chers amateurs d'échecs, Une nouvelle passionnante vous attend ! La nouvelle série de précommandes très attendue pour l'échiquier électronique portable en bois Air+ est sur le point de démarrer !...

Chessnut Pro - Jeu d'échecs électronique en bois avec pièces d'échecs de première qualité


🚨 Mise à jour passionnante :Gratitude à tous les enthousiastes de Chessnut !🌟 Le lot 4 de pièces d'échecs de qualité supérieure est épuisé !🌟 Les précommandes du lot 5...

Jeu d'échecs électronique Chessnut Air - Lot de 2


Obtenez deux planches avec une remise supplémentaire de 30 $ !   Chessnut Air - Abordable mais pas simple/Échiquier électronique en bois   Reconnaissance complète des pièces - Définition des positions pour l'analyse et...

Welcome to the Electronic Chess Board Experience

Welcome to the future of chess gaming! At Chessnut, we are excited to introduce you to the Electronic Chess Board Experience, where tradition meets innovation in the realm of chess.

In today's digital age, the classic game of chess has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the advent of electronic chess boards. These cutting-edge devices combine the timeless allure of chess with the convenience and technology of the modern era.

We are thrilled to showcase the significance of electronic chess boards and their pivotal role in modernising the game. Gone are the days of traditional wooden boards and static pieces. Now, players can immerse themselves in the dynamic world of electronic chess, where every move comes to life with digital precision. Whether you are a casual player looking for an engaging pastime or a seasoned enthusiast seeking to hone your skills, there's something here for everyone.

From custom chess boards to chess demo boards and fancy chess boards, the options are endless. Experience the convenience and sophistication of a smart chess board, where advanced technology meets the timeless strategy of the game.

Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities of electronic chess sets and boards. Discover how these revolutionary devices are reshaping the way we play, learn, and experience chess.

Features and Benefits of Electronic Chess Sets: Elevating Your Chess Experience

Experience the versatility and accessibility of our electronic chess board, empowering you to play, learn, and grow on your own terms.

  • Advanced Technology

Experience the future of chess gaming with our smart chess boards, boasting state-of-the-art technology designed to revolutionise your playing experience:

  • LCD Screens

Our electronic chess boards feature vibrant LCD screens that bring the game to life with stunning clarity and detail. Watch as the chessboard dynamically updates with each move, providing real-time feedback and information.

  • Touch-Sensitive Panels

With touch-sensitive panels, interacting with your electronic chess board is effortless and intuitive. Simply tap, swipe, or drag to make your moves with precision and ease, just like on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Built-in AI 

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with built-in AI algorithms that offer personalized challenges and insights. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, our electronic chess boards adapt to your skill level, providing the perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment.

  • Interactive Experience

Immerse yourself in the ultimate interactive chess experience with our smart chess board, combining physical movement with digital precision:

  • Physical-Digital Integration

Move pieces physically on the board while receiving instant digital feedback and guidance. Our electronic chess boards recognize your moves in real time, ensuring seamless integration between the physical and digital realms.

  • Piece Recognition

Say goodbye to manual inputting of moves. Our electronic chess boards feature advanced piece recognition technology that accurately detects and registers your moves, eliminating the need for notation or guesswork.

  • Interactive Tutorials

Learn and improve your skills with interactive tutorials and training exercises built directly into the board. From basic strategies to advanced tactics, our electronic chess boards provide valuable insights and guidance to help you become a better player.

  • Versatility and Accessibility

Discover the versatility and accessibility of our electronic chess boards, tailored to suit players of all ages, skill levels, and preferences.

  • Adjustable Difficulty Levels

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player seeking a challenge, our electronic chess boards offer adjustable difficulty levels to accommodate your skill level and experience.

  • Game Modes and Training Exercises 

Explore a variety of game modes and training exercises designed to enhance your skills and keep you engaged for hours on end. From solo play to multiplayer modes, our electronic chess boards offer endless possibilities for fun and learning.

  • Suitable for Every Setting 

Whether you are playing at home, in the classroom, or at a tournament, our electronic chess boards are the perfect companion for any occasion. Lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, they are ready to go wherever your chess adventures take you.

Ready to experience the convenience, innovation, and excitement of electronic chess with Chessnut? Explore our curated collection of electronic chess boards today and discover the difference for yourself.

Elevate your chess experience with Chessnut's electronic chess boards - where technology and tradition converge to create unforgettable moments on the board. Join the Chessnut community and elevate your playing experience to new heights. Your journey to chess mastery starts here.

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