Chess Played Quick - Variants (Bingo Edition): All The Information

Chess Played Quick is's series of events where top chess streamers complete bounties for prizes.

Chess Played Quick - Variants (Bingo Edition) starts on August 25 at 9 a.m. PT/18:00 CEST. Streamers will play multiple chess variants to complete bingos and collect as many bounties as possible. The event features 2,000 Twitch subs as the prize pool, with each bingo worth 20 subs.


Streamers will have two hours to play numerous chess variants and complete as many bingos as possible to claim their bounties. The variants for this event are 4 Player Chess, Doubles (Bughouse), Crazyhouse, Giveaway, Atomic, Horde, Chaturaji, Fog of War, and more. Note that for this event there won't be different rating categories.

Bingo Format

  • Bounties are presented in the form of a "bingo card."
  • Each square of the bingo card contains a challenge
  • Players have to complete a horizontal or vertical line to claim bingo. Diagonals do not count.
  • There are 100 bingos up for grabs at this event.
  • If more than 100 bingos are claimed, the prize goes to the player with the most pawns remaining after winning with the white side in Horde. Players who don't win with White in Horde forfeit the tiebreak.

Bounty Rules And Details

  • The bingo card is a 5x5 grid, with 24 bounties and one free cell in the middle.
  • Players don't need to send clips in real time to claim bounties. They must fill out a Google Form instead containing proof that they completed enough bounties to claim bingo.
  • Players have 48 hours to fill out the Google Form and claim their bounties.
  • Any type of proof is acceptable as long as it clearly shows the bounty the player completed the bounties.
  • All 4 Player Chess bounties must take place in 1+7 (default time control) Free-for-All games.
  • All Doubles games must be played with a random partner.
  • Players must create a new account to participate in this event.


We will publish the bingo card with a detailed explanation of each bounty when the event starts.


The total prize fund for this event is 2,000 Twitch subs, with 20 subs going for each valid bingo. Notice that only Twitch streamers can participate in the event.


Chess Played Quick - Variants (Bingo Edition) starts on August 25 at 9 a.m. PT/18:00 CEST, with the event lasting two hours.

How To Play

Fill out the official application form below if you're a Twitch streamer and would like to participate in the event. Applications close 48 hours before the event starts. Important: players must create a new account to participate in this event.

Proof Submission

Participants must submit their bounty completion proof forms within 48 hours after the event is over. Important: You need to fill out the form for each bingo you want to claim (do no attempt to claim them all at once).

The official proof submission form is below: