Introduction: As a beginner with a rating of 800, navigating the vast world of chess openings can be overwhelming. However, making the right choice at this stage is crucial for your overall chess development. In this blog post, we'll explore some chess openings suitable for players at the 800 level and how Chessnut Evo, the Ultra Smart AI Chessboard, can enhance your learning experience.

The Future of Ultra Smart AI Chessboard

1.The Double King's Pawn Opening:

For beginners, simplicity is key. Start your games with 1.e4, advancing your king's pawn two squares. This opening allows for quick development of your pieces and control of the center. It's a fundamental choice that provides a solid foundation for learning essential chess principles.

King's Pawn Opening Strategy | Chess Pathways

2.The Queen's Pawn Opening:

Alternatively, you can open with 1.d4, advancing your queen's pawn two squares. This opening leads to more strategic and positional play. It's a great choice for players who enjoy a slower, more deliberate pace in their games.

Queen's Pawn Opening Strategy & Defense | ChessPathways

3.Chessnut Evo's Role in Opening Mastery:

To elevate your learning experience, consider incorporating Chessnut Evo, the Ultra Smart AI Chessboard, into your practice routine. This cutting-edge chessboard uses AI technology to provide personalized insights, analyze your games, and suggest improvements tailored to your playing style. It's like having a virtual chess coach guiding you through every move.

4.Experiment and Learn:

At the 800 rating level, experimentation is key. Play various openings and pay attention to the ones that resonate with your style. Use Chessnut Evo to analyze your games and identify areas for improvement.

5.Chessnut Evo's Advanced Features:

Chessnut Evo goes beyond basic analysis. With its advanced features, you can explore different variations of openings, test your skills against varying difficulty levels, and even challenge the AI to adapt to your playing style. This immersive experience accelerates your learning curve and builds your confidence on the board.


As a beginner rated at 800, the journey to mastering chess openings is just beginning. Whether you choose the Double King's Pawn or the Queen's Pawn opening, integrating Chessnut Evo into your practice routine will undoubtedly enhance your learning and accelerate your progress. Embrace the challenge, experiment with different openings, and let Chessnut Evo be your guide to chess mastery. Happy playing!