Human beings worldwide have been playing Chess for around 1400 years. It is a globally accepted indoor game to boost brain functioning and maintain good levels of all types of intelligence. Chess is a strategic game that is played on a chessboard with 64 squares of an 8*8 grid. In starting, each player controls eight pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The game is won when one player checksmate another one's king. 

Many people around the world call Chess the "game of kings ."It originated in India around the 6th Century. Since then, Chess has evolved globally by transcending cultural boundaries all over the world.

Chess especially demands foresight, planning, and strategic thinking from players. Chess teaches valuable lessons on strategy and enhances both the right and left brains of players. It is a game that continues to inspire humanity because while playing this game, it leaves an indelible mark on our mindset.

The world of Chess has undergone a significant transformation in recent years with the popularity of the brand Chessnut. Traditional chessboards have now been replaced by imaginative and innovative electronic chess board sets from Chessnut. This brand stands out as a leader in crafting smart electronic chess boards. Chessnut has become renowned because of its quality, user-friendly electronic chess boards, and innovation.

Chessnut Products

Chessnut brings a total of 22 products to its online store. It has various kinds of products ranging from Premium whole wooden chess piece sets, Carrying bags for Chessnut air, Carrying bags for Chessnut Evo, Carrying bags for Chessnut Pro, Chess piece sensor chip sets, Chess pieces for Chessnut Air to Chessnut Air Electronic Chess board Set, Full Sized Wooden Electronic Chess Set With Premium Chess Pieces, Phone Stand & Two Flannel Pouches For Chessnut Air/Air+ and many more. 

Chessnut Features 4 Types of Electronic Chess Board Sets.

1. Chessnut Air

Chessnut Air is a wooden electronic chessboard set by the Chessnut brand. This professional electronic chess board comes with highly reliable chess piece recognition, which is very convenient for setting up positions and analysis. 

Chessnut Air comes with a perfect travel size 13 * 13 * 0.7 inches board. Chessnut Air comes with various mobile apps developed for Android and iOS apps to play with the board.

Chessnut Air Best electronic chess board comes with training and full face recognition for further study and analysis. Lots of third-party apps are compatible with Chessnut Air's Best electronic chess board. This product comes with a textured wooden frame and is even pretty enough to use as a traditional board without connectivity.

Whether you are 6 or 60 years old, this is perfectly handcrafted and ideal for every age. For your parents, kids, or colleagues, this is an ideal gift for everyone. This product comes with a price of around $179, and users can use Code: CHESSNUT to get discounts on the deal.

2. Chessnut Air+

Chessnut Air+ is a wooden Ai chess board by the renowned brand Chessnut. It also comes with highly reliable full chess piece recognition. This board supports various mobile apps to integrate electronically and use AI technology. You can integrate this product with various mobile operating systems. Embrace how technology can benefit the chess gaming community with our best AI board, offering both Bluetooth and wired connectivity options. Seamlessly connect with any device and experience the comfort of playing with your family and friends. You can enhance your chess skills by taking them to a global level with online play. This  Chessnut Ai chess board provides real-time LED lights showing effective moves and providing valuable insights.

3. Chessnut Pro

Chessnut Pro with Regular Chess Pieces - It is a complete-sized wooden electronic chess set with regular chess pieces available for around $584. It is a 55cm AI chess board especially for youngsters to improve their strategic thinking. It is entirely wooden and comes with high-quality, premium-quality wooden chess pieces. It also has a hidden LED, which makes it look better. This AI chessboard is an intelligent board with a multitude of apps featuring engaging AI. You can quickly improve your chess skills by playing with Chess Ai and analyzing your moves. Also, you can connect with online platforms such as and Lichess to compete with over 50 million chess players on the board. Moreover, apps from Chessnut allow you to play face-to-face games with friends and family. The hidden LED design in this product allows players to clearly see opponent moves while maintaining a pristine experience.

4. Chessnut Pro

Chessnut Pro with Premium Chess Pieces - It is a complete-sized wooden electronic chess set with premium chess pieces available for around $719. It comes with enabled AI algorithms, which can enhance your chess training experience. You can integrate Chessnut - the world's brightest chess board, with online platforms like and Lichess to improve your gaming experience while playing with millions of players online. It comes with full chess piece recognition technology, which supports both players in having a memorable experience while playing. Chessnut - the world's most brilliant chess board, can integrate with an Android app (Chess for Android) to enhance the chess-playing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. 

Advantage of Chessnut Products 

1. Play Online -

With Chessnut's major 4 products, you can integrate a chess board with online mobile apps and then boost your chess skills. This work is done with the help of Chessnut, the world's most brilliant chess board, android apps, and AI algorithms.

2. LED indicators - 

LED indicators on Chessnut's Major 4 products allow users to predict chess moves after integrating them with online apps. On a wooden board, you can play Chess with AI chess algorithms.

3. Wooden frame -

Wooden frames of Chessnut enable users to keep it safe, and it is very needed for durability. You must purchase Chessnut products because they are durable with a wooden frame. 

4. Training with Ai -

Chessnut electronic chess board comes with full chess pieces recognition technology, which helps in identifying each chess piece by type and color of each square. With this feature of Chessnut, you can upgrade your chess skills with AI chess apps.                                                 


I hope you have read the information provided in this article regarding how the chess game started, its history, and its evolution from the 6th Century to AI chess products by Chessnut. Chessnut, in this era, now transformed the world of chess players and enthusiasts. We have described in detail how many products are available for chess players and what their benefits are. We can now really say that Chessnut is a blend of tradition and innovation. You can connect with us any day, and our team will reach out to you soon.