Board Size and Texture

Choosing the right board size is crucial for your comfort and convenience. Some prefer standard sizes, while others prefer larger boards. Consider the texture of the board to ensure it meets your tactile requirements.

Piece Recognition Technology

Piece recognition technology is essential for the intelligence of the electronic board. An excellent electronic board should have highly accurate piece recognition, swiftly and accurately identifying each move, providing a smooth gaming experience.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Ensure the electronic board you choose is compatible with your devices and supports your favorite chess applications. Consider connectivity options; some electronic boards support Bluetooth connection, while others use USB cables.

Battery Life

Long gaming sessions may require extended battery life. Choose an electronic board with a longer battery life to avoid frequent recharging during gameplay.

Software Support and Features

Check the software support and features of the electronic board, such as online gaming, analysis mode, and teaching functions. This will impact your gaming experience.

When selecting an electronic chess board, it's essential to understand the features and characteristics of each product. Here are the highlights of each Chessnut model:

Chessnut Air: Sleek and lightweight, suitable for beginners. Features intelligent piece recognition, online gaming, and basic analysis functions.

Chessnut Pro: Meets international chess tournament standards, offering a realistic tournament experience and a wide range of highly intelligent and engaging AI applications.

Chessnut Air+: Crafted from high-quality wood, combining classic elegance with modern technology. It offers wireless gaming via Bluetooth and wireless support, seamlessly connecting to your devices for a smooth experience. Enhance your chess skills globally by challenging opponents worldwide through online gaming.

Chessnut Evo: A one-piece design suitable for advanced players. It features state-of-the-art technology, including a faster processor, intelligent learning capabilities, and advanced engines. Equipped with the latest Stockfish and popular humanoid chess engine, Maia, for advanced analysis and gaming.