In the gameplay of electronic chess boards, understanding the strategic significance of different chess piece formations is crucial, especially in the middlegame and endgame phases. This article will delve into the strategic value of various piece formations in these two stages and explore how to apply these strategies using electronic chess boards.

Strategic Analysis in the Middlegame

1.Center Control and Development:
During the middlegame, the positions of pawns and knights are vital for controlling the center. The intelligent recognition feature of electronic boards accurately displays central occupation, aiding players in devising offensive and defensive strategies.

2. Offense and Defense:
The middlegame is a critical moment for offense and defense. Pieces like rooks and bishops can form powerful attacking lines, while bishops and knights can also be used to construct defensive lines to counter opponent attacks.

3. Flexibility and Planning:
Changes in the game often require flexible responses. The convenience of electronic boards allows players to quickly adjust tactics and formulate new plans based on evolving situations.

Strategic Analysis in the Endgame:

1. Pawn Promotion and Rook Activity:
Pawn promotion is crucial in the endgame. Additionally, the rooks can exhibit maximum activity, freely roaming the board to seek opponent weaknesses.

2. Bishop Diagonals and Knight Activity:
The diagonal capabilities of bishops are particularly crucial in the endgame, while knights can traverse enemy territory, launching sudden attacks and creating chaos to find opportunities.

3. Adaptability:
The endgame's dynamics are often rapidly changing, requiring swift strategic adjustments. Utilizing the intelligent features of electronic boards, players can promptly identify potential attack opportunities and adapt flexibly to opponents' moves.

Through in-depth research and understanding of the strategic significance of different chess piece formations in the middlegame and endgame, combined with the intelligent features of electronic chess boards, players can achieve greater success in their journey of chess. We look forward to seeing electronic chess boards like the Chessnut Air showcase even more remarkable performances under players' wisdom and skill.