Ever since you got your hands on that amazing Chessnut electronic chess board, the world of strategic chess battles has opened up before you. But did you know there is a way to make your chess experience even more enjoyable and personalized? Introducing the fantastic world of chess accessories from Chessnut.

These handy extras are designed to do two amazing things: enhance your gameplay and personalize your Chessnut board. Whether you are a seasoned chess master or just starting your chess journey, these accessories will transform the way you play.

Imagine a world where your precious Chessnut board travels safely anywhere with you, thanks to a comfy carrying bag. Picture yourself analyzing your next move on the Chessnut app without fumbling with your phone, all thanks to a clever phone stand. And how about keeping your captured pieces neatly organized in soft flannel pouches, instead of having them scattered all over the table?

These are just a few ways Chessnut chess accessories can take your chess experience to the next level. From the essential carrying bags to the stylish wooden chess pieces (and even other materials), Chessnut has everything you need to create a chess environment that reflects your unique style and keeps your games smooth and organized. So, buckle up and get ready to discover a whole new dimension to your chess journey with Chessnut accessories.

Chessnut Chess Accessories 

Level up your chess game with Chessnut accessories. Owning a Chessnut electronic chessboard unlocks a world of strategic battles, but what if you could enhance that experience even further?  Chessnut offers a fantastic selection of accessories designed to elevate your gameplay, personalize your board, and make every chess encounter even more enjoyable. 

Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your chess journey, these handy extras will help you protect your board, stay organized, and even add a touch of style to your chess battles.  Let's dive into the world of Chessnut accessories and discover how they can transform your chess experience.

Carrying Bags

Imagine your precious Chessnut board, safe and sound, ready to travel anywhere with you. Chessnut carrying bags are like comfy jackets for your board, offering superior protection against bumps and scratches. Whether you are heading to the park for a casual game with friends or taking your Chessnut on a family vacation, these carrying bags ensure your board arrives safely for every challenge.

Available in different sizes to perfectly fit your Chessnut Air, Evo, and Pro models, these carrying bags are crafted from durable materials, giving you peace of mind that your prized possession is well-protected. No more worrying about dings or dents during transport – just focus on strategizing your next move and dominating the competition.

Enhanced Gameplay with Phone Stand & Two Flannel Pouches

Ever analyze your next move on the Chessnut app and fumble with your phone in the process? Not anymore! The ingenious Phone Stand & Two Flannel Pouches set streamlines your gameplay, ensuring a smooth and focused experience. The sturdy phone stand keeps your phone steady right beside the board, allowing for effortless access to the app without disrupting your game flow.

But the fun does not stop there. The two included flannel pouches are the perfect solution for keeping your captured chess pieces organized. No more lost pawns or bishops rolling around the table, creating a chaotic mess. These soft pouches keep everything neatly stored, allowing you to focus on the strategic battle unfolding on the board. With captured pieces tucked away safely, you can maintain a clear playing field and a sharper focus, ultimately leading to more strategic victories.

Personalize Your Chess Experience with Stunning Chess Piece Sets 

Do you dream of a chessboard that reflects your unique style? Chessnut offers a variety of stunning chess piece sets. Choose from classic wooden chess pieces for a timeless look that evokes the grand traditions of chess, or explore other materials to create a board that perfectly complements your taste.


Imagine a set of sleek metal pieces, adding a modern touch to your games. Or perhaps you prefer the warmth and natural beauty of handcrafted wooden pieces. With Chessnut chess accessories, you can personalize your board and make every game feel like a fresh new experience, tailored to your individual preferences.

Maintaining Peak Performance with Chess Piece Sensor Chips Set

Even the best chess pieces can sometimes get misplaced during those particularly intense battles. That is where the Chess Piece Sensor Chips Set comes in. These tiny chips are the brains behind your Chessnut board, keeping track of each piece's position on the board. This set acts as a handy backup in case you ever lose or damage a sensor chip. With a replacement set, you will get your board back up and running in no time, ready for your next epic chess battle.

Beyond the Essentials: Carrying Case

Chessnut chess accessories go beyond the essential carrying bags and organizational tools. Elevate your home chess setup with a stylish chess board carrying case. Crafted from high-quality materials, these cases offer a touch of sophistication while keeping your board safe and dust-free when not in use.

For the true chess fan, consider a set of weighted chess pieces. These pieces offer a more substantial feel in your hands, similar to classic chess sets used by grandmasters for generations. The added weight provides a more luxurious playing experience, making every move feel deliberate and impactful.

Level Up Your Chess Journey

So there you have it! From keeping your board safe with a sturdy carrying bag to adding a touch of class with beautiful wooden chess pieces (or exploring other materials), Chessnut chess accessories offer a variety of ways to personalize and enhance your chess experience.

Think about it this way: these accessories are like putting the finishing touches on your chess world. They ensure your board travels securely, your captured pieces stay organized, and your phone is always within reach for seamless access to the Chessnut app.

Whether you are a seasoned chess player looking to elevate your game or a curious beginner just starting your chess journey, Chessnut accessories have something for everyone.  Head over to our Chessnut accessory collection today and discover a treasure trove of possibilities.  You might just find the perfect accessory that sparks a newfound passion for the game, transforming your casual chess encounters into epic battles worthy of a grandmaster.  So, what are you waiting for?  Grab your favorite Chessnut accessory and unleash your inner chess master!