Are you ready to elevate your chess game to new heights? Look no further than Chessnut Go, the ultimate portable chessboard designed for enthusiasts of all levels. With its innovative features and sleek design, Chessnut Go redefines the chess experience, whether you're playing indoors or embarking on outdoor adventures.

Magnetic Adhesion:
Chessnut Go boasts robust magnetic adhesion technology, ensuring secure placement of chess pieces, even during intense outdoor gameplay sessions. Say goodbye to pieces sliding out of place and hello to uninterrupted gameplay, no matter where your chess journey takes you.

Full Piece Recognition+:
Experience seamless piece recognition with Chessnut Go's upgraded Full Piece Recognition technology. Even with magnetic adherence, Chessnut Go guarantees hassle-free piece recognition, providing an immersive gaming experience like no other.

Ultimate Portable Design:
Designed with travel in mind, Chessnut Go features compact dimensions of 230*268*4mm and a lightweight build of only 0.6kg. It's the perfect companion for chess enthusiasts on the go, and each Chessnut Go comes with a perfectly fitting travel case for unmatched convenience.

High Compatibility:
Chessnut Go is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. Enjoy versatile gaming experiences with support for mainstream online platforms such as Lichess and

Chessnut App Integration:
Pair your Chessnut Go with the Chessnut proprietary app for endless possibilities. Engage in battles against AI opponents or train with chess engines, all at your fingertips.

About AI:
Choose between Maia and Stockfish engines for your AI battles. Maia utilizes deep learning, simulating human thought processes, while Stockfish is renowned for its immense computational power.

Intuitive Button and LED Design:
Maintaining the board's aesthetic integrity, discreet grid LED indicators provide clear visual cues for players, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Chessnut Go offers a comprehensive chess experience that combines innovation, portability, and compatibility. on your chess journey with Chessnut Go!