We are thrilled to share the success Chessnut achieved at the recent Hong Kong Electronics and Technology Exhibition! Our booth attracted significant attention, providing an excellent platform to showcase our innovative products to a diverse audience.

The exhibition drew large crowds and generated enthusiastic responses. We showcased a range of products including Air, Pro, Air+, and Evo. Chessnut Air and Chessnut Air+ feature wireless connectivity, allowing you to play with friends or opponents anywhere, anytime. Their user-friendly interfaces make it easy for you to get started and enjoy your chess games quickly. Chessnut Pro, as our premium electronic chessboard, caught the eye of many chess enthusiasts with its hidden LED lights and handcrafted wooden pieces.

Moreover, all Air, Pro, Air+, and Evo models can connect to chess.com and Lichess, which has been a significant draw for chess enthusiasts. Evo's chess analysis and engine customization features also garnered significant attention from attendees at the exhibition.

A highlight of the event was the unveiling of our upcoming product, Chessnut Go. The Chessnut Go board measures 230mmx268mm, with a thickness of only 4mm and a weight of just 530g. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, truly making it an outdoor-friendly electronic chessboard. Furthermore, Chessnut Go can rotate 360° without disrupting the current game state, thanks to its unique magnetic properties designed to prevent accidental disruptions during gameplay. Not only that, Chessnut Go can connect to mobile devices (phones, tablets) for gameplay, and during offline matches, it can save PGN files for analysis, allowing you to review games anytime, anywhere. In addition to playing against AI, it also connects to chess.com and Lichess for online matches, enabling you to play against opponents worldwide even when outdoors. Chessnut Go ensures convenience without compromising functionality, embodying the essence of outdoor chess gaming.

In addition to showcasing Chessnut Go, we teased a conceptual product, Chessnut Move, which represents Chessnut's most significant technological breakthrough. Stay tuned for more updates on Chessnut Move!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in Chessnut. Your support and enthusiasm inspire us to continue advancing, and we look forward to bringing our innovative solutions to an even broader audience in the future.