You can customize the color of each chessboard light based on your preferences, and the best part is, each color supports both light and dark shades. How cool is that! Plus, once you've set it up, you have the flexibility to change it anytime. Feeling a vibrant red today? Just adjust the lights to match your mood.
We've completely unlocked the customization features on Chessnut EVO, allowing you to truly personalize your chessboard.
Every EVO is one of a kind, exclusively yours. We pay attention to every detail, constantly updating and iterating on features to provide you with the best chess experience. Your move, your style, with EVO.
That's not all – imagine the thrill of each piece making its move, accompanied by a dynamic play of lights. Picture the Queen's majestic sweep, the Knight's daring leap, or the Rook's steady advance, each marked by a distinctive burst of color. Your chessboard becomes a symphony of strategy and style.
But the excitement doesn't stop there. We've made EVO even more versatile. Not only can you customize the colors, but you can also sync them with your favorite music, turning your chess game into a visual and auditory masterpiece. It's not just a game; it's an experience.
As we constantly push the boundaries of innovation, EVO evolves with you. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, new features, and even more ways to make your chess games uniquely yours. Because at EVO, we believe that every move should be as extraordinary as the player making it.

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