Evo has an intelligent chess system👍

Chip inside the chess piece: Each chess piece has a built-in chip that can identify its own position. This means that when a piece is moved, the system can accurately identify the new position of the piece.
There is a Board Editor in EVO's Clock Match and Bot Match sections: a specialized tool that allows users to edit chess positions in the software by moving physical chess pieces.
For endgame research and analysis, I believe this is a very good function:
1. Accurate analysis: Since the system can accurately identify the position of each chess piece, players can safely focus on the details of the situation when conducting endgame analysis without worrying about manual input errors.
2. Automatic chess record recording: When users are studying the endgame, the system can automatically record each move, making it easy to review and organize the research results.
3. Teaching aid: Such a system can be used as a teaching tool to teach endgame skills. Teachers can edit specific endgame scenarios in the software, and students can learn solutions by actually moving the pieces.
4. Online sharing: Users can save and share specific endgame scenarios with other chess players to promote discussion and learning about endgames in the chess community.                     
How to set up a specific position in Evo◀️

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