Whether you are a dedicated chess enthusiast or a chess beginner considering getting an electronic chessboard, we strongly recommend you read this article. It will guide you on which electronic chessboard is worth acquiring and what it can offer you!

Why do you choose play chess online?

Chess game online has become increasingly popular. For many users, playing chess online is another way to socialize, allowing you to learn and interact with chess players worldwide through games, regardless of your skill level. Additionally, you can take advantage of the resources provided by various chess platforms, including tutorials, video lessons, chess courses, and tactical training. Some platforms offer powerful analysis tools that provide real-time suggestions and evaluations during games, helping players improve their chess skills. Platforms also provide extensive chess game databases and opening libraries, allowing players to study historical games and various opening strategies. These are some of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to play chess online.

However, controlling chess pieces solely with a mouse can lack the tactile pleasure of physically touching and moving the pieces during traditional games. Additionally, prolonged screen exposure is not ideal for your eyes. Furthermore, the distraction of social media notifications or advertisements may disrupt your concentration and gaming experience.

So, what can support your online chess experience while allowing you to enjoy the immersive pleasure of traditional chess? That's why do you need a smart electronic chessboard.


But what kind of smart chessboard is worth acquiring? In addition to integrating popular chess platforms, which is a fundamental requirement, it should also offer great value for money and robust performance.

Chessnut, a brand that listens to the voices of chess enthusiasts, has designed a professional-level smart chessboard.

Let's take a closer look:

Integration with Lichess and Chess.com, the two outstanding platforms:

  • Chess.com and Lichess are undoubtedly the most favored online chess platforms globally, boasting the largest online player base. Our software integrates both of these outstanding platforms, allowing you to play against opponents from around the world anytime, anywhere.
  • We also have a group of talented third-party developers who have enriched the chess experience with various apps, including online multiplayer games, analysis tools, and intriguing chess engines to challenge your skills. Explore the full range of possibilities and dive into a world of endless opportunities.

Full-piece recognition feature:

  • Chessnut is the second eletronic chessboard brand globally to have complete piece recognition functionality, and it's also the first to offer this feature at a great value. Each chess piece is equipped with a chip for automatic position recognition, allowing pieces to be recognized individually on the board, irrespective of their initial setup. Whether it's on e2 or f3, whether it's a bishop or a pawn – Chessnut knows.
  • If you love studying endgames, this feature is incredibly helpful. It means you don't have to reset pieces to their initial positions; you can place them where you need them.

Intelligent LED hints to improve your chess skills:

During the early stages of learning chess, you don't have to worry about not knowing the next move! We have designed LED hint lights on the board. When you lift a piece, the legal moves for that piece will be indicated by lit-up LEDs on the corresponding squares. This is especially helpful for beginners. Of course, during online matches against real opponents, the hint feature will automatically be disabled to respect the rules and not disrupt your thought process.

Supports Over-The-Board (OTB) game saving and sharing:

Many chess players choose to play chess online so they can use chess platforms for game analysis and better review their matches to improve their skills. What if you're playing in real life and want to save your games between friends? Chessnut has you covered. Our chessboard supports automatic game saving and generates PGN files, allowing you to easily share your games on professional online platforms for analysis and better review.

More fun than above features our chessboard can offer you, you can explore it by yourself!

We hope this article has helped you get to know our chessboard and our brand better.

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