Innovating Chess Experience: The Fusion of Electronics and Chess

Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to a remarkable product Chessnut EVO—the world's first Chess Computer that supports both watching and participating in live chess broadcasts, along with its exciting interactive design.

Dazzling LED Lights and Immersive Broadcasting

Evo is not just a chess computer; it's a visual feast. With its built-in electronic screen and vibrant LED lights, watching chess broadcasts becomes an entirely new experience. Each move is presented on the board with dazzling lights, creating an immersive and entertaining live atmosphere.

Real-time Interaction for a Lifelike Gaming Experience

But when you take center stage with the Chess Computer, the live broadcast takes on a new level. Thanks to the interaction between the physical board and the electronic screen, every move you make on the actual board is instantly reflected on the electronic screen. This not only allows the audience to visually experience each move but also provides them with a lifelike gaming sensation.

Changing the Landscape of Teaching and Learning

This technology goes beyond entertainment. In terms of chess education, it's a revolutionary design. Students can now clearly see every move the teacher makes, enhancing their understanding and learning of chess tactics and strategies.

Comprehensive Support and Social Interaction

Our design doesn't stop at live broadcasting. With multi-platform support, you can smoothly use the Chess Computer on any device. Additionally, we've considered social interaction, allowing the audience to interact directly with players through built-in features, asking questions, commenting, and sharing the charm of chess.

The birth of Chessnut EVO marks a new era in the chess experience. Through this product, we aim to bring a more enriching and innovative interactive experience to chess enthusiasts and gamers alike. This is just the beginning, and we will continue to strive for innovation to bring you more astonishing products.

Thank you for your attention, and stay tuned for more exciting developments with Chess Computer!

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