Do you want to design your own Chess Opponents by yourself?

In today's digital era, chess engines have become powerful assistants for chess players, providing accurate analysis and suggestions for the game. However, traditional chess engines have certain limitations. Their pursuit of victory often leads to moves and decisions that go beyond the understanding of human players, limiting the players' acceptance and learning of engine decisions. To address this issue, our team is not content with providing traditional chess engine functionality; we strive for innovation and breakthroughs. Therefore, I am delighted to announce our latest groundbreaking feature - customizing a chess engine with a specific player style.

Benefits of Customizing a Chess Engine with a Specific Player Style:

In the past, learning and imitating different players' styles and strategies was a challenging task that required significant time and effort. Traditional chess engines often lack the human style and personalized factors in their decision-making, resulting in a certain gap between human players and engines. However, with our new feature of customizing a chess engine with a specific player style, this becomes effortless. Now, you can choose your favorite player and have the engine mimic their style, gradually assimilating this unique way of playing through customization. This makes the engine's decisions more aligned with human thought processes, making it easier for players to understand and learn from the engine's moves.


Combining Customized Chess Engine with Real-Time Analysis:

Our customized chess engine with a specific player style is combined with our existing real-time analysis feature, providing users with a more powerful and comprehensive gaming experience. By leveraging real-time analysis, users will receive accurate advice and guidance during their matches. Our engine not only analyzes the current situation but also advises users on how to respond to the playing style of the customized engine. It can inform users about the merits and drawbacks of each move, helping them understand their own strengths and weaknesses in different game situations, as well as gaining insights into the opponent's style and strategy.

Understanding Opponent's Style and Strategy:

Through playing against the customized engine with a specific player style, users will have the opportunity to dive deep into understanding their opponent's style. Our analysis feature showcases the decision-making approach of the specified player style engine in the current game situation, aiding users in better understanding and learning from their opponent's style. This learning process not only contributes to improving players' chess skills but also adds variability and challenge to the games. In each match, users can absorb and apply different players' styles and strategies, gradually enriching their understanding of game dynamics and chess-playing techniques.

Design Description:

The customized chess engine is designed based on the LC0 specification. We employ strategy and value networks similar to AlphaGo, which are trained to mimic and understand various players' styles and strategies. To reduce the amount of data users need to upload, we conducted extensive pre-training. We trained hundreds of pre-trained networks covering different player styles and characteristics. By utilizing these pre-trained networks, our design hardly compromises accuracy while providing a more convenient user experience.

 Our team conducted extensive testing and validation to ensure the model's accuracy and stability. Through testing a large volume of data, our model achieved an average accuracy of around 63%. This means that in many cases, our engine will make decisions and moves in line with the playing style of human players.

By combining the customized chess engine with a specific player style and the real-time analysis feature we already possess, we have created a powerful and comprehensive tool for chess players. This integration allows users to not only learn and imitate different player styles but also receive accurate recommendations and guidance during gameplay. We believe this design will revolutionize the way chess is played and learned, opening up new avenues for players to explore and enhance their skills.

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Expected launch time of the Chessnut EVO project: mid-July