What is the subscription service on Evo? Which features require payment and which ones are free? What are the prices?

Many users have learned about our upcoming subscription service, Chessnut ChessMind Premium, through Youtubers' videos alongside the release of Chessnut Evo. Yes, due to the highly server-dependent nature of our customized AI training service, we will be charging for this service through a subscription model.

The training service is deployed on Amazon Web Services, utilizing Amazon EC2 instances of g5.4xlarge, which are equipped with a 16-core CPU and NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPU. When users upload game data of chess players for customized chess AI engine training, the service utilizes the GPU for training. This process typically takes around 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the uploaded data. The cost for a single server is approximately $1,000 per month. Initially, we plan to enable 10 servers, and we will increase the number of servers as the number of subscriptions grows.

The subscription prices are set at $19.9 per month and $99.9 per year, allowing subscribers to enjoy unlimited training sessions throughout their subscription period.

However, recognizing that not all users may require such a high frequency of training, we have listened to user feedback and introduced a pay-per-use option. Users can now choose to pay $4.9 per session, with an added bonus of two complimentary sessions for every purchase of a 10-session package. Additionally, customers who have purchased Chessnut Evo will receive three free trial sessions, while existing users of Chessnut Air and Pro will receive an additional 10 training sessions.

Apart from the training service that relies on server computational power, all other features on Chessnut Evo are provided at no additional cost. This includes the usage of Chess Engines such as Stockfish, Maia, and other engines, as well as the utilization of Chessnut Vision's image recognition technology. Furthermore, any customized engines created through the training service can be used for free even after the subscription expires.

We understand the value and significance of delivering a high-quality and customizable AI training service to our users. By implementing a subscription model, we can ensure the continuous improvement and expansion of our service, as well as cover the costs associated with the deployment and maintenance of powerful servers like the Amazon EC2 instances with NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs.

Chessnut ChessMind Premium aims to provide chess enthusiasts with an exceptional and tailored training experience, empowering them to enhance their skills and achieve greater success in the game. We believe that our subscription pricing structure offers a fair and reasonable approach, catering to different user needs while sustaining the development and advancement of our service. We are excited to have you join us on this chess journey and look forward to helping you unlock your full chess potential with Chessnut ChessMind.

Furthermore, we are committed to continuously improving and expanding our services in the future. As we grow, we plan to introduce additional features and services related to Chess Engines and AI, without imposing any extra charges on our subscribed users. Our goal is to provide ongoing value and enhance your chess experience as a valued member of the Chessnut ChessMind community.