Why we called Chessnut EVO the best chess computer for learning?

The Chessnut team developed ChessMind, which is an artificial intelligence service system with EVO as the core. Through customizable intelligent AI engine opponents and accurate ability analysis services, it provides users with efficient and professional chess ability improvement training and enhances users' chess experience.

By incorporating Chessnut’s innovative Chessnut Vision Technology, which utilizes image recognition, ChessMind can accurately identify chess piece movements in any game mode on any platform and automatically record the game.

From pre-match preparation to in-game guidance and post-match analysis, ChessMind comprehensively assists in enhancing your chess skills.

Key features include:

Multicolored LED lights: Can be toggled on or off to indicate effective moves and the best possible moves in the current game.

Real-time Analysis: Utilizes intuitive curves and lines to showcase the effectiveness of moves, allowing real-time tactical adjustments.

Custom opponent: Whether it's your friend or a world champion, upload 20-200 of their game records directly to ChessMind's neural network training system. EVO can then train an opponent with a playing style highly like theirs, providing you with insights into their strengths and weaknesses for better planning and improvement. This targeted training approach allows you to fully understand your opponent and prepare more efficiently.

Self-assessment of proficiency:

Understanding your opponents and knowing your own strengths are crucial aspects in learning chess. EVO supports generating precise evaluation reports, allowing you to have a clear understanding of your playing abilities, strengths, and weaknesses in games. All you need to do is import your historical chess games to create a representative AI engine of yourself. Then, generate another engine for comparison, which can represent a specific individual or a player with your target ELO rating. Upload both engines to ChessMind's training service system, where the system will undergo hundreds of automatic simulated matches. In the end, it will produce an accurate evaluation report, showcasing your win rate, overall performance scores during games, and your performance scores in favorable and unfavorable conditions. After a series of precise analysis, you can better understand your own current situation, and you can also be clearer about the direction of your efforts and make improvement plans and adjust yourself in real time.

Cross-platform integration: Different chess platforms offer varying game resources and community culture. However, owning just one EVO allows you to enjoy all the resources from different chess platforms. Thanks to Chessnut’s exclusive Chessnut Vision Technology, which uses image recognition to break API limitations of all platforms, you can use EVO to play any game mode from any platform. Traditional electronic chess boards, integrated with chess platforms via conventional APIs often lack access to most game modes due to limited API permissions of mainstream chess platforms. However, with EVO's image recognition capability accurately identifying piece positions, it enables two-way interaction between the board and the screen, unrestricted by platform APIs. In essence, we can integrate with any chess platform, enabling our users to access more chess resources and a more open community interaction.

Various training modes:

1.Career mode: Sets different difficulty chess games as fun challenges, using a scoring system to showcase your playing ability.

2.Individual piece training: Supports training with any single chess piece, providing genuine zero-based instruction.

These features ensure that ChessMind provides a comprehensive and efficient platform for chess enthusiasts to learn, practice, and improve your skills. So, it not just a chessboard, it can be your best mate and teacher for chess learning!

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