Chessnut Vision is an innovative technology breaking through the API limitations of all chess platforms,developed by the Chessnut team.

No Limitation,More Innovative:

Chess, as an intellectual sport with a long history and widespread popularity, has always attracted the love and participation of numerous players. To further enhance the gaming experience and spectating of chess players, Chessnut Evo has teamed up with the innovative system Chessnut Vision. This system seamlessly integrates hardware and online chess platforms through image recognition technology, providing users with a range of incredible advantages and conveniences. This article will comprehensively introduce the features of the Chessnut Vision system and the enhanced experience it brings to users.

Rising to New Heights: Overcoming Platform API Limitations

The uniqueness of the Chessnut Vision system lies in its ability to obtain FEN (Forsyth–Edwards Notation) content of major online chess platforms (such as, lichess, chesskid, etc.) through image recognition technology. This enables seamless interaction between the physical chessboard and the content of the gaming platform, without relying on platform-specific API interfaces. Compared to platforms like and chesskid that do not provide API interfaces, as well as the limited functionality of the API interface provided by lichess, Chessnut Vision's method allows unrestricted use of these platforms' features, providing users with a more flexible and convenient operational experience.

Speed and Accuracy: NPU Technology Assistance

Chessnut Evo hardware is equipped with an advanced NPU (Neural Processing Unit), enabling image recognition every 300 milliseconds with updates three times per second and extremely low latency. This efficient recognition speed allows users to instantly perceive changes in chess pieces on the board, providing a smooth user experience. Additionally, the Chessnut Vision system combines advanced real-time analysis capabilities to accurately grasp the game's situation and the advantages of the two players, allowing users to have a better understanding of the game's progress and improving the accuracy and depth of game analysis.

Exciting and Diverse: Live Events and Personal Streamers

The Chessnut Vision system provides users with the opportunity to watch live chess matches and individual streamers' broadcasts. Through the system's image recognition functionality, users can instantly access the content of the game board and, combined with real-time analysis capabilities, gain a comprehensive understanding of the game's development, the strategies employed by both players, and their advantages. This immersive viewing experience brings great joy to chess enthusiasts, enabling them to better appreciate and learn from high-level matches.

Record and Replay: Permanently Save Gameplays

The Chessnut Vision system not only enables real-time recognition of the chessboard content but also records the entire gameplay content and saves it locally for users to replay and analyze. This provides users with a convenient way to review matches, delve into the decision-making process and consequences of each move. With the system's assistance, users can improve their game analysis abilities, identify their weaknesses in matches, and continually progress.

With its outstanding features and unparalleled experience, the Chessnut Vision system brings a new gaming experience to chess enthusiasts. It overcomes platform API limitations and enables hardware interaction with online chess platforms through image recognition, providing users with a more flexible and convenient way to operate. The high-speed recognition and precise analysis capabilities allow users to grasp the game situation in real-time, enhancing the accuracy and depth of game analysis. Additionally, the system's live streaming and record replay features enable users to better enjoy matches, learn from gameplay, and permanently save exciting games. Chessnut Vision system empowers you to explore broader possibilities in the world of chess.

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